Typing tag shortcut?


Is there any way to have a copy & paste or other shortcut for typing out tags like <p> etc. since they are used repeatedly?


Practice makes perfect!
I don't recommend copying and pasting..

I don't know of any shortcuts but if you are using a code editor it might have plugins and options to auto close the tag..


Thank you...I'm a hunt and pecker so... there's that.


Some editors close the tags for you (e.g. type <p> and it will type </p> after.), but unfortunately Codecademy's editor doesn't support this.

I don't recommend copy/pasting code in ANY case, ever.

Practise makes perfect, so keep going and you'll get used to it, and if not, you can use an IDE which supports auto closing as you type.


Thank you for your advice.
I'll be on the lookout for an editor that closes tags, but baby steps, so will practice, practice , practice. Thanks again...very encouraging.


++++++++html editors used ++++++++
get yourself an editor
Here's a list of some of the ones ( all free):
http://www.pnotepad.org/ ( favorite for quick scripts)

Also in use Visual studio