Typing apostrophes

The traditional apostrophe on a keyboard does not register as an apostrophe. I have to use the keyboard on my Ipad and hold the apostrophe, then select the other apostrophe right above. Is there any way to make it simpler to type an apostrophe on the on-screen keyboard or any way to type it with an apple wireless keyboard? Thanks!

Hello @dragonwarrior513, when you are writing code, to avoid apostrophes being considered string marks, you can use the escape character:


Or, you can use double speech marks:


I hope I have understood you question!

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I apologize, my question was very unclear, let me rephrase it. (I’m a beginner, so my coding vocabulary is bad, sorry) When I put an apostrophe in a console.log(this is where I put it) statement, it is pink, when it’s supposed to be yellow. It’s even pink when there is nothing else in the parenthesis. My question is how do I make it yellow? And is there any way to make it yellow without the on-screen keyboard? Thanks again!

Hello @dragonwarrior513, could you post your code please, as it is hard for me to visualise what you mean, sorry. Do you mean like this:


So are you referring to the colour of the string in the forums? Pink is the colour that the forum attributes, for lack of a better word, to strings.

The raw text of your posts shows you using

instead of apostrophe


Maybe you are using software to make that replacement for you, maybe as part of your browser or maybe something part of your input method. Maybe your os is doing it. Maybe your keyboard layout doesn’t include apostrophe, or perhaps includes both, in which case you could change to something like en-US (which isn’t entirely uncommon in countries where native keyboard layouts might be very inconvenient for programming)