TypeError: "int object is not utterable"

I’m having issues trying to fix a type error within my code:

def even_sum():
    print("how many integers? ", end="")
    number1 = int(input())
    for i in range(number1):
        print("next integer? ", end="")
        numbers = int(input())
    if numbers % 2 == 0:
        print("even sum= ", sum(numbers))
        print("even max= ", max(numbers))

the expected output is supposed to look like this:
how many integers? 4
next integer? 2
next integer? 9
next integer? 18
next integer? 4
even sum = 24
even max = 18

What am I doing wrong with the int object?

sum() is a built-in function of an iterable (like a list), which you do not have.

What do you attempt to do?

The TypeError occurs right after sum(numbers). I’m trying to sum all of the even numbers in the list created, as well as print the max even number in the list.

you don’t have a list? you would need to make a list, append all the even numbers to list, then after the loop determine max and sum