I'm being told that my type commands aren't working except I patterned them off the examples.

print type(44)
print type(4,2)
print type('halo')


post full code plz :slight_smile:


that is all my code. That's everything I have written.


this is the error :slight_smile:


it should be (4, 2) with a space


look at second line its not float print type(4,2) it should be print type(4.2) you are using "," instead "."


How so? I followed the example exactly. That's how the example said to write it. So I don't understand how it's wrong.


Oh!! So instead of a comma it's a period in between! Ok. Got it.


@s09abcd explained why


Hi, you put a comma instead of a decimal point DUDE!!!:slight_smile:


Do you know how to delete a post?!?!!:confused: