Type of laptop?

Hi. I am going through the HTML/CSS lessons as part of the front end path and really enjoying it. I am due for a new laptop…any suggestions on minimum requirements/type of laptop if I want to eventually put this new learning into creating interactive web applications on my own and so on? Thanks!

I got myself a Dell XPS 12, which is great for me being very light weight having an SSD and 10" small screen size, however packing a 1080 resolution at the same time.

I’ve also switched over to a Linux OS, which not only being much more ergonomic in my opinion, but almost requires that you develop a familiarity with the Terminal, as well as understanding how a computer system works. Installations become an all more engaging process than on any other system, which really helps when it comes to managing your local development environment, and working with terminal languages like mysql.

A lightweight machine really capitalizes on the profession which deals largely with text opposed to ones requiring an emphasis on graphic drivers. But that’s just my opinion working in Front Stack Development.

Thanks! Really helps!!!

If you’re wanting to know the minimum requirements then all you need to know is that when writing HTML and CSS you can do it with any text editor, on any system that can create text files and has a web browser to test them on.

So there are no minimum requirements for Web Development in my opinion. Everyone does want a shiny fast computer though, so if you want one go for it!

Why are you due for a new laptop? Pretty much anything will do (i3 processor, 4gb ram is pretty much standard these days)

You can install a very light linux distro on your laptop, linux runs better on older hardware then windows

Edit: linux is great for web development, when into web development your laptop is just a gateway to the internet, in which unix based OS (linux) are dominant. There are so many tools in linux, and everything you need is nicely integrated, it works so nice


Thanks for your help!

Thanks again. One other question…I am in the early stages of all this so is there an easier way to test your code other than having to save it and then testing it in a browser? Is there something (software) that works like Codeacademy where I can see what my code will look like on a webpage as I am writing it?

There are other resources which provide a framework for building projects in the browser.

A good front end side is codepen.io.

I know there is also jsfiddle.net

You will want - JSFiddle, Codepen and JSBin. Check them out! :smile:

Just tried them…GREAT STUFF!

No problem, I’m happy to help!

jsfiddle, jsbin, etcetera a good if you want to do small stuff. Why does everyone wants live preview in the browser? Sublime text with the right plugins automatically update the webpage the moment you make changes, and brackets has a preview build in.

I would start building things on your computer, all those bins are going to be confusing, in particular when you have a lot of files.

You can just open the html files in the browser, and refresh the page after you saved changed in the file. Since the files are local, this should be really quick


Why do I hear so much about people using Ubuntu and other Linux distros to code when all these other options on any OS are available: Sublime, JSFiddle, Codepen, JSBin, etc?

It is not about sublime, jsfiddle, codepen. On linux distro, it is so easy to set up apache, with php if you like, there are so many tools, everything (ruby, python) is so nicely integrated, ssh is heaven, vim is heaven if you use ssh. Hold on, let me search something

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I was looking for this one or this one

Please you can learning about HTML and CSS Tetorial in W3School.com in there are you can learning and practic in thus website.
i hope your new leptop have minimal spec cor i5, 4GB RAM because you need any tabs in your browser. So you can learning be faster about HTML and CSS.
Information recomendation for programming Laptop:
Best Laptop For Programming

I hope will be Helpfull

Was it really needed to revive a 2 month old topic? To recommend a poor website?


Can we use a laptop like a dell laptop or Apple Mac and could use codecademy on it as well?!!?! Thank you very much.

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