Type Kerning


So I've advanced now to HTML Basic II (brain having likely not retained anything learned in I), However I have a question? Is all HTML code the same? As one of my pet peeves with custom templates I work with is letter (font) kerning. Would changing this always be something like:

h1 { letter-spacing: 2px; }

or would it be called font-width or font-spacing for example?
Is there a universal HTML code language or not, and it there any good links to cheat sheets for adding links and images again to remind me?



with regards to letter kerning, the only thing I know of is the CSS property letter-spacing as you mentioned above. The issue I see with this is, the unexpected spacing it adds to fonts. It will probably work well with most fonts, but they would have been designed specifically for use in that way and messing with the kerning might cause issues with some letter combinations.

You could look into other font styles that you prefer, or even making your own font (but thats quite alot of effort!)

HTML is the universal coding language for the web, Im not sure what the question is there?

Smashing Magazine have a really good PDF on HTML elements - http://media.mediatemple.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/images/html5-cheat-sheet/html5-cheat-sheet.pdf

I wouldnt worry about not taking it all in on the first go, Ive done the javascript course 3 times now and Im still not sure if I really understand it!




The html tags and css property's are fixed, the organization who deals with this is w3c (link to w3c website)

There are many cheatsheets, i am sure you can find one you like on google, and i am sure w3c and mdn have excellent document. Don't bother to much with remembering tags, the computer is good at storing information, a programmer needs to be at good understanding and knowing how to use it.