Tying it all together


That is my response:

var greetingfunction = function(greeting) {
console.log("Hello, World!");


SyntaxError: Unexpected token var

...and so, ..


the lesson wants the name of the function to be "greeting" rather than "greetingfunction." Changing this should fix your problem.


It doesn't wooooork!

But I did some changes:

greeting var func{name}(console.log(name)))}
var greeting = function(Ola) {

SyntaxError: Unexpected token var


Hi codewhiz7190,
On my mind it should be as:

var greeting = function (name)
console.log("Yes, you did it," + " " + name);


I'm glad you has answered my issue, but it didn't work, again. So... I'M STUCK !


Sorry, I lost an open {
For me it works.
Maybe try to open this lesson with other browther also.


NOT YET... sorry for me