Two course suggestions: D-lang & RISC-V

Nothing too complicated to put here, I just think that these two topics deserve a place in the Codecademy catalog.

D is a relatively young programming language inspired by C++ and its predecessors, built with memory-safety as a core feature of the language. D doesn’t have the backing of major industrial partners, unlike Rust, but it has influenced many of the modern shifts in language paradigms, as well as adopting many of the best ideas from other languages. Codecademy has many relatively small languages and topics on its platform, adding a D course wouldn’t stray from existing content.

Likewise RISC-V is a great addition to the catalog from the computer science/operating systems engineer perspective. RISC-V is one of the only open-source instruction sets in use today, and is used in a wide variety of applications, especially in vehicles & industrial environments. Other platforms have managed to team up with RISC-V architects and have members of the RISC-V technical committees write & produce their content, in what I can only assume is a partnership to encourage more engineers to look at RISC-V as a technology they can adopt. My experience with RISC-V is very limited, but I see so many useful applications for it which are unrealized because people just don’t know it’s there. RISC-V would be a great fit to build an OS engineer program off of, because its open nature means that anyone can access the source material that outlines the instruction set at no cost.