Twitch Data Visualization Project, Data Science Career Path

Hello Everyone!
I made the Twitch Data Visualization project on a notebook. I also played a little with the charts colors and face colors changing the background. Also, I added an argument to the plt.legend() command to move the box on the pie chart farther and make it easier to read. Twitch Notebook

Any feedback would be much appreciated! :grin:

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This is a great start for a Jupyter notebook showcasing some of your visualization skill. I’ll just give you a couple of stylistic pointers that may help you improve it even more:

  • First, when you are uploading a Jupyter notebook to Github, restarting the kernel and running all your cells right before you upload helps give it a cleaner look. For example, if you look at the beginning of your notebook, you can see that the input numbers for the first two cells are 2 and 8 (instead of In [1] and In [2]):
    To reset these numbers, just open the notebook and at the top select Kernel -> Restart & Run All. Then save the notebook and upload to Github.

  • Second, you can see the deprecation warning right before your bar chart and line chart.

    This is triggered because you called plt.subplot() after and plt.plot(). Writing ax = plt.subplot() before the other plot functions should get rid of this warning and give your notebook a more polished look.

  • Finally, you might think about adding a little more or a narrative in the markdown cells. For instance, explaining why are you doing something or why that insight is interesting. With a good, flowing narrative you will probably be able take away the longer comments at the beginning of your code cells, since your explanations will make parts of your code more obvious to the reader.

As I said before, this is a great start and hopefully these tips will come in handy as you think about the presentation aspect of your notebooks.

Great job and happy coding!

Hola Cocodrilo!!

Thank you so much for that valuable feedback. I’ve made the changes and sure it looks a lot better. I don’t know if the link changed… if you want to check the new version, it is here:

Again, Thank you so so much! :blush:

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Looks much better. Keep up the good work!

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