Tutoring videos are useful but not enough: need for a syllabus with all code files to understand deeply how things work

Hi all,

i have started using (enjoying) codecademy.com in 2012 (I remember a lesson about how to animate a Ha-Do-Ken in Javascript), then i was very active in 2015, 2018 ; and now I have just subscribed to the Pro version.

This “e-learning” website has always been at the top, especially thanks to this amazing user interface offering to read instructions, to enter coding and to display outcome in the same browser window. Congrats :wave:

However, I have a remark about videos available via the " Get Unstuck " option, when implementing a Project (like Learn AngularJS 1.X - https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-angularjs ). While explanations given by the tutor are useful, it is not convenient at all to read and understand the code: we need to do multiple back and forth at different moments of the video and try to “capture” information we are looking for by clicking “pause”. This is very tedious.
On top of that, this is not possible to get the “full picture” of the source code: having all files opened at the same time, to visualize and to make connexions between them is very important to understand deeply what is going on. I’m making this remark as “experienced” developer (I started in 2002 with Visual Basic).

At some point during the project, would it be possible to get kind of a “syllabus”, via PDF or native (HTML, JS, CSS) files? I understand you do not want to give the full solution too easily, this is fair, but on the other side it prevents users to work and learn well I think.

Thank you,

Any reactions on this?
I just completed the ‘AppReader’ project in ‘AngularJS / Routing’ stage, and again it was painful to find, in the video, what was missing in my code. The worst is that tutor’s screen is too narrow, so we cannot always identify which file he is working on (his editor’s tabs are too small).