Tutorial: GitHub CLI (Command Line Interface)


link = https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-git/articles/the-github-cli-command-line-interface

I have been trying to create an issue using the git CLI command but its not working I believe I chose the wrong repository and don’t know how to change it can anyone help .
Command line out put

MacBook-Pro try-github-CLI-off-platform-project % gh issue create --title “Fix magic8.py error” --body “The code for magic8.py uses the Python random library without importing it. This causes issues during runtime.”

Creating issue in F-Moh/try-github-CLI-off-platform-project

the ‘F-Moh/try-github-CLI-off-platform-project’ repository has disabled issues
[email protected] try-github-CLI-off-platform-project %:


It sounds like you have issues turned off on your github repository. CHeck your repo settings on the github website and make sure you don’t have issues disabled.