Tutorial: GitHub CLI (Command Line Interface)

Hi! I am trying to doe this ofline project, I like the new setup of this cource with real repo’s on GitHub. https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-git/articles/the-github-cli-command-line-interface

I am stuck now. I have cloned the repository as told in the asignment. And now I want to create in issue in the repository I just forked and cloned, bit my terminal wants to create an issue in another repository, How to change to the forked and cloned repository?

I tried in moth the terminals I have on my computer: Windows Terminal and Bash.

A little odd, where’s the actual .git folder located?
What does git remote -v show? Is it perhaps tracking the wrong thing?

Any chance there were some copy/pastes or renames? I’d hazard a guess the issue here is having a remote tracking the wrong repository

Hi Thanks for your help!

The .git folder was located here C:\Users\rosit\Documents\Codecademy\Projects\try-github-CLI-off-platform-project, but I was with my terminal in C:\Users\rosit\Documents\Codecademy\Projects

Now I have finished this project. Thank you!


I have the same issue know is it possible to help me thanks