Tutor for very beginner Python learner?

Are there any tutors to help a very beginner Python learner? I keep getting stuck on functions. I have been trying to learn Python for over 6 months now, through 4 or five different online sources and I’m not getting it. I spent 45 minutes on the above link yesterday and continue to get the error “Unexpected EOF while parsing.” The explanations online about why this are happening are not helpful, as they are also difficult to understand. I need someone to break down each step as if I am 10 years old. Are there any tutors for non-math brains like mine to help me understand what steps I need to take to solve this lesson? I understand the concept of functions, just not the execution.


You will find that if you share python code here (and the specific error messages) people can offer insight into strategies and resources for making sense of things very openly :slight_smile:

Unexpected EOF while parsing means that the compiler can’t finish interpreting your code. This is often (though not always I think) a syntax issue (like a missing colon or parenthesis etc.)

For example:

print("Hello world"

#yields unexpected EOF error

If you paste your code here we can help point you in the right direction.

Remember to format your code with the Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.55.11 AM button and then paste your code text here: Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.55.15 AM

The useful thing about python is that the error messages tend to be pretty descriptive, and there’s only a handful of them to learn and they will give you a lot of support starting out. Some languages don’t have this type of feature.

Here’s a link to common errors that may pop up, I’ve definitely had all of them: 16 Common Python Runtime Errors Beginners Find - The Invent with Python Blog


It also occurs in the Codecademy learning environment where the “terminal” is output-only. :slight_smile: Quite a few people have fallen foul of that one. :frowning:


Maybe it would help to address the problem(s) by addressing the problems individually?

The first is the immediate issue of getting hung up on your error that you encountered (Unexpected EOF while parsing): screenshot or copy and paste the problem so we can see it. It will help us diagnose what’s wrong. Spending 45 minutes hung up on a problem gets frustrating and you waste mental momentum and energy trying to figure out what you did wrong (all to find out maybe you had a typo!).

The other part of needing help, I can understand the frustration. Not from the learner prospective of Python part but because my because my current career deals with a very detailed language and operation. I spend a large amount of time explaining the language of our office in the beginning. The terms, phrases and describing what they are seeing and hearing takes a lot of time to learn and process. Early on it gets frustrating for some because you want to feel valued and are actually solving problems; but instead you feel like a burden asking a ton of questions (for me, it isn’t a burden; i see it as a sign of someone caring about their job). My estimate is it takes someone completely new a year to understand the language in our office, and another year to truly know what you are doing.

This same problem occurs when learning a programming language - you are trying to figure out what is you are doing, how to do it, and when something goes wrong - what you did wrong and why. Honestly, it may help to find a tutor just so they can explain it in your terms (I don’t believe in ever talking down to someone - its more about talking about something you really know and applying it to the situation).

If you want a tutor, I’m sure there are people who want to strengthen their abilities to teach and disseminate their knowledge in the community. If for some reason you can’t, DM me (I’m relearning Python after a five/ fifteen year hiatus).

I hope this helped!