Tuscany cuisine website

Hi to everyone
I am looking for someone here on this Forums that can guide me to improve the quality of my publishing pages on my site, and also I am planning to create a search form that will allow a visitor to create menus from all the different dishes categories and recipes content already in place on the site.
Please visit and browse, navigate my site to be familiar on what I have accomplish so far and how I can develop my elementary coding on the pages, to update them in more elegant and sophisticated programming to be ahead at my competitor in the world of the global web.
My web site Tuscany Cuisine has been alive since 1997.
Visit it [link in profile].

Hello @davidspad,

I checked out your website and its not completely clear to me as to what you would like to know.

Do you mean that you would like advice on how to give the website more quality design ?

Hello thank you for replying, let say that I have published many pictures of dishes and linked with they own recipe page, create a local site search engine where by typing any cooking ingredients the search display the results with title and content to be found on the site, I want to create a more visibile impact to the audience that can help them to use the site as guide and inspiration with my dishes create from scratch with different type of proteins and ingredients, that highlitght the origin of my country Italy from the region of Tuscany, how I can better stucture and display with better graphic, form and anymations so that anyone can use my type cooking talent knowledge to make even more dishes, food is my passion I want my site to be help for everyone that love food and cooking.