I am a beginner so i do not know much, but, when I write "The value of pi is around " + str(3.14) it reads 3.14 as a "Float" or something.

Please help me with this because I am having trouble.



Unable to reproduce the error. Are you printing it?


As a beginner you may feel like this is a new playground, and it is, sort of. But you will run into problems if you do not follow instructions exactly. Do not improvise or deviate. Finish the lesson in whatever form it takes, even if you disagree or think it can be improved. Just do the lesson and pass.

When the track is completed, or when the unit is completed at least, go back over the material on your own, and expeiment. If you have questions at that point with regard to your own code, the Corner Bar will be the place to take them up with the community. Not the Q&A. Just a heads up on that.


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