Trying to understand and implement best OOP practices

Hi, even if I code since years, not all the time I used OOP, most of OOP i used thanks to frameworks I guess. Now I am trying to stimulate me with creating and organising objects, so I started with a mini-game in JS, a plane flying on a google-map. You may say now that ok … JS is not OOP but let’s refer only on Objects.

So until now I have this entities with properties:

  • Game

    • player
    • map
    • start()
  • Player

    • score
    • lives
    • plane = new Plane()
  • Plane

    • name
    • defaultCoordinates
    • icon
    • currentSpeed
    • maxSpeed
    • direction
    • driveLeft()
    • driveRight()
    • increaseSpeed()
    • decreaseSpeed()
    • setIcon()
    • setName()
  • GameMap

    • map
    • planes
    • createMarker(position, icon)
    • updatePlanesOnMap()

Until now this schema looks logic to me, what do you think? Even for me seems ok I still have some problems, on the GameMap entity I used googleMaps code and logic for initialising the map, creating markers but I can’t figured out how can I keep the google logic separated from the plane logic.

On my Game.start() I have:   = new GameMap({lat: '52.423534', lng: '17.455464'}); //with start position on those coords
this.player = new Player({name: 'Sebastian'});
this.player.plane.setName('My Plane');
this.player.plane.setPosition({lat: '52.423534', lng: '17.455464'});;
//and even if I tried to make something like; I didn’t manage to do some logic and to not include some google map code in the plane methods, so I ended with:; // which iterates all the planes and move markers

What would be your perspective about this?

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