Trying to run SQLite in GIT Bash for Windows

Hello everyone!
I’ve started to use GIT Bash to be able to push my code into GitHub but I’m unable to run SQLite.
Normally on CMD prompt, I would type this for example:

sqlite3.exe Desktop/SQL/db.sqlite

And started doing my queries. However, I try to run SQLite in GIT Bash and get this:

luijan@laptop_luis MINGW64 /
$ ./sqlite3.exe
bash: ./sqlite3.exe: No such file or directory

If I cd to the Directory where the .exe is and try to run it nothing happens.

luijan@laptop_luis MINGW64 ~/Desktop/SQL
$ ls
acs-1-2015.sqlite       population_queries.sql        sqldiff.exe*
acs-1-year-2015.sqlite  population_queries_final.sql  sqlite3.exe*
db.sqlite               simplefolks.sqlite            sqlite3_analyzer.exe*

luijan@laptop_luis MINGW64 ~/Desktop/SQL
$ ./sqlite3.exe

I don’t know if I have to create a Path for it or how to solve this. Please help me out, thanks!

If you haven’t set up your Git Bash to run it using an alias yet, you will have to navigate to the directory it is in and then use the command winpty ./sqlite3.exe to run it. MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) typically needs to use winpty to communicate with Windows console programs.

To avoid having to type this each time, set up an alias in your Git Bash using the Codecademy instructions here for the time being.

Because I see issues with local SQLite setup/use on here a lot, I’m currently working on a blog post thoroughly covering the topic and will post a link in these forums once I’ve put it on Medium.


Big thanks El Cocodrilo! Nailed it.