Trying to reverse it but doesnt work


Doesn't reverse

to reverse

garbled = "!XeXgXaXsXsXeXmX XtXeXrXcXeXsX XeXhXtX XmXaX XI"
message = ""
smthin = garbled[::-len(garbled)]
smthin = garbled[::2]
message = smthin

OUTPUT : Oops, try again. Your message doesn't look quite right; instead of "!egassem terces eht ma II!egassem terces eht ma II!egassem terces eht ma I", it should be "I am the secret message!"


Both lines are on the right track. The negative sign in the first, and the 2 in the second. Now just put those two things together in one expression.



oh for every 2 and the - represents it should go backwards? thanks


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