Trying to redo a lesson


Hello all. I’m a new user. I recently worked my way through the functions portion of the intro to javascript course and was moved on to the rock paper sissors exercise. I’m not ready for this, since I still don’t fully understand functions. It seems all codeacademy lets me do is restart the entire course. How do I go back and restart only the functions section? It only takes me to 11/11 , and need to go back to 1/11.

Thank you, and apologies if I posted this in the wrong place. I don’t ever do message boards.


within a lesson section you can navigate the different lessons using the hamburger menu in the bottom left


Hello, and thanks for the quick reponse!

I’m not seeing that. Is it on the actual lesson page with the code editor?

EDIT: disregard… I did find it. Thank you very much. Silly me was actually looking for an icon of a hamburger within the Rock Paper sissors lesson…

Thanks again /embarrased lol