Trying to look where to start in cybersecurity


I'm 14, and I've always wanted a front row seat in the world of cybersecurity. I've done lots of research on paths to the field many pros have taken, but I want one that's right for me. I'm really excited to get in, but I just don't know where to start - operating systems, tools, code, etc. - I'd just like some help.

P.S. If u don't know, plz point me to somewhere I can find my answer.


That will depend a lot on what country you are from?


might be very silly to ask @alexcraig
and I suspect the answer could be very long and tedious,
but could you elaborate tad more ?
Just some directions and perspectives needed for my shallow mind. :confused:


Well in America and the UK there are a lot of government backed programs that will train you for free, or there are a lot of private firms you can get internships with. If you just want to start in it some online sites offer courses such as this one you might want to try out


I see. Thanks @alexcraig. It's a very good link, wouldn't know that if not for your recommendation. Cheers :smile: