Trying to go off-platform

On the python course here, i’ve reached the “Reggie’s linear regression” project.
A part of this project is to go off platform - downloading miniconda, jupyter notebook and python.
I’m having difficulties understanding what each thing is (miniconda and jupyter notebook).
I mean, there is a short explanation but i could really understand its context, I merely downloaded a bunch of softwares to my PC and i dont know whats the function of each one, and honestly i couldnt even finish the setting stage properly, because i keep running into errors.
I would be very grateful if someone could explain whats the use of miniconda and jupyter notebook, as though explaining it to someone who knows very little.
thanks a bunch!

Hi Ariel,
What are the specific errors you keep getting?

Miniconda is an installer for Python. (It’s based on Anaconda). With it you can install (using ~pip install ) many Python packages that you’d need to run Python (depending on what you’re doing with it: Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scipy, Math, etc.)

Jupyter is an open-source app that allows one to share code, visualizations, etc. You know all the Python commands & exploratory data analysis, visualizations, etc you’ve been doing on the Codecademy platform? You’d do them on your machine & they’d be saved to your hard drive.

Another app that might be easier and you’d not have to deal with your Terminal is to install Google’s Colab on your Google Drive. It’s based on Jupyter notebook & already has many Python packages installed.

Jupyter Notebook will open in your web browser window and look something like this:

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Here’s info about Colab:

You can import csv files to your colab notebook via a few ways.

from google.colab import files uploaded = files.upload()

or, by mounting your Google Drive to the notebook (so you can share your data analysis with others).
from google.colab import drive drive.mount('/content/gdrive')

You can also import shape files if you want to make maps. Anyway, there’s a LOT you can do with it. It’s just another option to consider instead of Jupyter Notebook.
It’s fairly easy to use too. And, as you’d expect there’s a ton of documentation if you get stuck.

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hey, thanks for the elaborated answer, it helped me sort out a few things in my head!
as for the errors im getting; basically, now when I’m entering that Jupyter notebook webpage that shows my PC (the localhost888 thing), I click on the “Reggie’s linear regression” file and get the following error:
1.error! C:/users/Ariel/Reggie’ is not UTF-8 encoded
2.saving is disabled
3. see console for more details

and I’m sort of stuck here…

Sure! No worries.

It’s b/c it’s a zip file. You have to unzip it first and access the contents—.ipynb file. (the jupyter notebook file)

Check this out:

save the unzipped file to your desktop or Downloads folder. Then, when you initiate Jupyter Notebooks from the Terminal/Command Prompt and it opens in your web browser, navigate to the .ipynb file.