Trying to figure out Keydowns

So I’ve been trying to figure out how to assign the keyboard events of the numerical keys to emojis for this challenge. Not sure how to go about it.

and then display that rating in the form of an emoji. The users should give 
their ratings by pressing a key on their keyboards (the numbers 1 to 5). 
Here's the numbers' corresponding emojis:

5 = :grin:
3 = :slight_smile:
3 = :neutral_face:
2 = :frowning2:
1 = :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

```event listeners, keyboard events, key codes, 
focus, focusout, DOM manipulation, tabindex


const box = document.getElementById("box")
const text = document.getElementById("text")

box.addEventListener("focus", function(){
    text.textContent = "Type a number between 1 and 5"

box.addEventListener("focusout", function(){
    text.textContent = "Click here to give your rating"