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I’m trying to create a website, nothing fancy, but not a blog, and I have rudimentary HTML/ CSS knowledge. I have a vision in mind that doesn’t come close to any website templates, so I need to code it. I heard that I was supposed to install WordPress to code it, but all WordPress has is templates that I can’t remove, and I can’t figure out how to enter any code into the control panel. So, is there a place I need to go with WordPress to be able to code my website, or should I install something else?

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as far as i know WordPress is a website/blog builder so you wont really have any good trying to code html/css on it unless you are making a WordPress template. I’m not sure how to create a wordpress template as i’ve never used it but there are many tutorials on the web to look at.

If you are trying to make your own website like in the codecademy tutorials and host it to the internet, you’ll need to use a web server like Apache or NGINX with linux(not sure about windows solutions) on a dedicated server, host or a vps. There are plenty of tutorials on the web to look at.

If you’re just trying to make a website for yourself and not host it to the internet, a folder and a text editor will be just fine. There are also tutorials for this if you are having trouble.

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@tagpro94162 is right, you can create a website locally on your computer, all you need is a text-editor, now, i would pick a text-editor which is designed for coding (atom for example, good, free, open source editor), then you can just save files as .html and .css (and .js), atom supports this really well, and atom has good tutorials as well.

There are dozens of ways you then publish your website, github pages for example (if you are familiar with git, this is a neat way), being familiar with git is good anyway. But there are plenty of other (free) hosting solutions.

this results in 2 environments: developing environment (your local machine with atom) and production/deployment environment (for example github pages)

the advantage of this approach is that if you make a mistake in developing environment, it doesn’t affect users visiting your website.


To add on to what @tagpro94162 and @stetim94 had suggested, if you’re not up to the option of downloading any text editor, you can experiment your idea online through online code editor, here’s one (which allows you to code in HTML, CSS + JavaScript):

There you can explore others’ projects and snippets. There are lots of beautifully crafted snippets and ideas which will provide you some inspiration.

Though it is best to learn to code in your own environment, online code editor is not that bad too if you’re looking for a fast responsive option, the results are instant whenever changes are made to the code.

I will leave you with some cool links I found on codepen:

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I think you should use wordpress