Trying to change a job

I work in managment for years. Now the company, I work in, change its course. And I understand, that a new course doesn't match with my course. So I decided to change job. Watching different vacancees I realised, that my knowledge isn't enough to become a project manager in software development. So I'm here in CodeAcademy, learning programming languages. Also I've started internship in Sweden company. Hope to pass it sucessfully and start a new career.

That’s awesome! Good luck Yarila :smiley:


Hey there! Good luck to you! I’m doing the same thing here!

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Thank you, pyninja43785 :wink:

Thank you very much :wink:

Hi Yarila :smiley:

You are so so welcome!
Happy studying and lets meet for a drink some day when we both have new jobs :slight_smile:
Have a good weekend!

That’s a good idea! Nothing is impossible, I think! :wink: