Try out my 'mixed messages' project assignment!

Hi guys!

I actually created a simple front-end site for this project, feel free to enter and try it out; make a decision-making (Yes/No) question in your head and press the button.

This Project was actually pretty easy considering we already learned the tools. It took me about 3 hours to fully complete it (all extras included).

Front-end (Website): Mixed Messages - Decision Maker

Code: Ricardo’s Mixed Messages GitHub

This project was fun to make. Looking forward to more!

Guys, I have updated the link for the project. I can’t see the edit button so I’ll post the new link here:

[new]Front-end (Website): Mixed Messages - Decision Maker

I really like how this looks, nice and sleek. How did you make the words in ‘Button’ do that?

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With JS, divide the words into letters and assign them with a class using a .forEach method. Then translate each using CSS :hover effects.