Trust Level


Hi. Can someone tell me where can i see my codecademy forum trust level. I’ve been looking around to find where to look for it but I couldn’t find anything(about where to find it)


Nice question!
It will show the trust level you have by the highest earned badge from it you have such as Member, Rising Star, and Super User.


Thank you for the reply I’ve quickly looked on my badges and it is Rising star. :grinning:


Nice! That is trust level two! I’m at that too! :grinning:


Why does it say image


It says Help Desk Apprentice because I got the badge for it by solving an answer correctly. Correctly as an a solution. The person immediately afterward unmarked it, and so I didn’t have a Solution until now. Thanks =)


Well now you have one. :grinning: Anyway thanks for your answers.



This badge. And when you get it there is this box:


You click the pencil, and choose the title from there.


Your welcome! :grinning: