True or False?

Hi All.

below is my code:

using System;

namespace TrueOrFalse
class Program
static void Main(string args)
// Do not edit these lines
Console.WriteLine(“Welcome to ‘True or False?’\nPress any key to begin:”);
string entry = Console.ReadLine();

  string[] questions = {"True", "False","True"};
  bool[] answers = {true, false, true};
  bool[] responses = new bool[3];
  if (questions.Length != answers.Length)
    Console.WriteLine("Warning!, Questions doesn't equal answers");
  int askingIndex = 0;
  foreach (string question in questions)
    string[] input = {};
    bool[] isBool = {};
    bool[] inputBool = {};
    Console.WriteLine($"Question 1: {questions[0]}. Please respond true or false");
    string reply = Console.ReadLine();
    isBool = Boolean.TryParse(input, out inputBool);


I am getting stuck on the part where it is asking me Now let’s check if the user’s input can be converted to a boolean.

Call the method Boolean.TryParse() to convert the user input to a boolean value.

This method takes two arguments: a string value to convert and a bool variable to store the converted string. It returns true if the conversion was successful, false otherwise.

there are no guides on this and would appreciate any help!

Hey @ruby4126738306

C# is a Microsoft technology, there’s always guides:

There’s even an example of how to use it in the way you’re being asked to. :slight_smile: