True or False Project

Hi, I’m doing this project on the website and I want to develop this project on my local machine as well using Visual Studio but when I wrote the first lines VS throw an error inline 12
( Tools.SetUpInputStream(entry);).

Why? and How should I modify this code in VS to be able to run locally?

Hi there, welcome to the forums!

From what I can tell, the method SetUpInputStream() method is being pulled from another class Tools which is defined elsewhere and not provided to you in the Learning Environment.

You might be able to proceed without using that line, and have the program work as intended. (I’m not that familiar with C#, though, so I can’t guarantee that!)


To confirm what @thepitycoder said, you don’t need that line in your code at all. It appears as though the project developer started with the intention of using a seperate Tools class including the SetUpInputStream() method, but later changed their mind. In the CC learning environment, you can comment that line out or delete it, and as long as you follow the instructions, the project will work as expected.


Thank you! It works in VS without this line.

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