Troubleshooting help on Error message says "Oops, try again. It looks like your header's font-size is 32px instead of 16px - 9 Font Size

Hello, I’m on HTML II, Font color.
I’ve got an error message “Oops, try again. It looks like your header’s font-size is 32px instead of 16px”

Affected code: <h1 style="color:green"; "font-size:16px">Big Heading</h1>
I don’t see where the error message is getting 32px.

Here’s my code:

> <!DOCTYPE html>
> <html>
> 	<head>
> 		<title>Changing the colors!</title>
> 	</head>
> 	<body>
> 		<h1 style="color:green"; "font-size:16px">Big Heading</h1>
> 			<p style="background-color: violet">A giant bear and a little duck were friends.</p>
> 			<p style= "background-color: red"; "font-size: 10px">But the bear got hungry and ate the duck.</p>
> 	</body>
> </html>

the style attribute runs from the first till the second quotation mark (") if you have multiply style property’s (for example color and font-size) you can separate them with a semi-colon, no need to use additional quotation mark, here is some general syntax to help you (i hope):

<p style="property1:value1;property2:value2">

see? just a semi-colon, no additional quotation marks

Thanks. That was super helpful. I didn’t realize that it the second set of quotations would cause a problem.