Troubleshooting Guide


There are a number of things you can try if you are having trouble loading, viewing, or submitting exercises.

Reload the web page

This takes care of a majority of problems.

Check your Internet connection.

We recommend that you have a reasonably fast connection to the internet. Any broadband connection, like DSL or cable, should be sufficient.

If you are at work or school or using a shared wireless network, there may be a firewall or proxy that is interfering with your connection to Codecademy. You can read more about that here.

Check your web browser.

  • Codecademy works best on an up-to-date browser. Please use to improve your experience. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Trying your exercise in a different browser is a good troubleshooting strategy.
  • Check that all of your plugins are up-to-date too. Chrome, Firefox and Safari users can use this site to check the status of their plugins. You don’t need to have Flash installed to use Codecademy.
  • Check your browser’s extensions. Some extensions, like ad blockers and pop-up blockers, can affect your activities on Codecademy. Try disabling them one at a time. Once you find out which one is interfering, then you may be able to configure it to ignore Codecademy.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and reload the web page. Instructions for clearing your cache: Chrome / Firefox
  • Check your zoom level. If you have zoomed in or out on your browser, then you may see glitches in some exercises. To get back to 100%, press Ctrl+0 (PC) or Cmd+0 (Mac).
  • Tablets and mobile phones are not fully supported. We recommend using a laptop or a desktop.

Tried all that and still not working?

To see if others are having the same problem as you are, check these Q&A Forums for answers. Look for the link in the bottom left of the exercise, or a button labeled “Get Help.”

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