Troubleshooting code specifics [solved]

Can someone help me understand why my code doesn’t seem to work :confused:
I’ve been checking it all over again and cannot find where the problem is

//my code

const rapperArray = [“Lil’ Kim”, “Jay-Z”, “Notorious B.I.G.”, “Tupac”];

// Write you code below
(let rapperArrayIndex=0;
rapperArrayIndex < rapperArray.length;
{ console.log(rapperArray[rapperArrayIndex]);

if (rapperArray[rapperArrayIndex] === 'Notorious B.I.G')
	console.log("And if you don't know, now you know.");

I literally thought the sane thing when they said "rapperArrayIndex

for (let rapperArrayIndex = 0; rapperArrayIndex < rapperArray; rapperArrayIndex ++){


but instead what i think what they referred to was rapperArrayIndex just being i.

I’m still looking for answers myself

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That would be,

rapperArrayIndex < rapperArray.length;
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You missed a dot after ‘G’ in if statement:


I made the same mistake. Missed a dot in B.I.G.
it’s so unforgiving!!

BINGO! i made the same mistake ty