Troubled with Computer Science Pro Path

I am 16 years old coder from India and I am seriously disappointed and troubled after completing pro path.
I recently finished the Computer Science Pro Path and things didn’t go as expected.

Months back one of my friends suggested me learning to code. I discussed that with my dad and he said that it would take me years to earn money from this field. Also, no one would hire as young as me and it would take me to atleast 6-7 years more to complete my school level education and then get a degree from a good college. I thought that age is no restriction in programming. I argued with him that this isn’t the case. I could easily get into a job or maybe freelance after learning to code and it didn’t required me learning from colleges or getting degrees to prove my skills. After a couple of days he agreed and I subscribed for codecademy.

I looked across different skill and career paths available and found that Computer Science suites me best. I recently finished this career path and felt confident that what I have learned must be valuable. Learning python and ruby from other sources was also a boost up for me.

But things didn’t turned out that well. I applied both for internships and jobs but no one showed any interest. Most of them didn’t reply and those who did said that they would have hired me if I would have been 18+. I thought that some work experience would be good and did a couple of projects included them in my resume followed the guidance from
here. Nothing did any good. I decided to get up into freelancing on sites like I scrolled through freelancing jobs people offer and unfortunately nothing was related to what I have learned. I offered my work to several locals but it didn’t turn out any good as well.

This is actually very disappointing that after you learn something but it doesn’t hold any value anywhere around you. I guess my dad was right. What everyone wants is a piece of paper from a good college.
All my hard work seems to go in vain!! :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

There is almost no career field that offers immediate reward. If you could contribute to a company within weeks of learning code at any age then anyone would do it and it wouldn’t be valuable.
It is a valued skill because it takes time and effort.


I gotta agree with @fight_dragons.

However, please don’t get discouraged. Learning to code is such a fun, epic journey, don’t give it up because you failed once. I believe that something really import that coding teaches you is to not give up. (Cause your coding journey can get really frustrating at times tbh).

Give it some time, take some other courses…and try again! Also I believe it can’t go in vain as long as you enjoy it :upside_down_face:

Truly hope this cheered you up lol, I really like cheering people up :upside_down_face:


Thank you both @fight_dragons and @yizuhi for those cheering words. I believe that things will get on track as guys said.


You said some companies would’ve hired you if you were +18? Well that sounds like great news, no? Perhaps now that you are familiar with Computer Science in general, you can focus on a particular path like Web Developer, Data Scientist (or analyst), robotics (easy to get started with Arduino or Raspberry Pi), or any other field that you like? That way when you become 18 you’ll be ready to go :+1: