Trouble with the arithmetic portion


Below is a portion of the python course i’m taking. I have no clue how to solve this question. It wan’ts me to put a product variable with a multiplication question in it but nothing happens.


One thing computers are capable of doing exceptionally well is performing arithmetic. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other numeric calculations are easy to do in most programming languages, and Python is no exception. Some examples:

mirthful_addition = 12381 + 91817
amazing_subtraction = 981 - 312
trippy_multiplication = 38 * 902
happy_division = 540 / 45
sassy_combinations = 129 * 1345 + 120 / 6 - 12

Above are a number of arithmetic operations, each assigned to a variable. The variable will hold the final result of each operation. Combinations of arithmetical operators follow the usual order of operations.

Python also offers a companion to division called the modulo operator. The modulo operator is indicated by % and returns the remainder after division is performed.

is_this_number_odd = 15 % 2
is_this_number_divisible_by_seven = 133 % 7

In the above code block, we use the modulo operator to find the remainder of 15 divided by 2. Since 15 is an odd number the remainder is 1.

We also check the remainder of 133 / 7. Since 133 divided by 7 has no remainder, 133 % 7 evaluates to 0.


Could you please provide a link to this exercise?

Also, what code do you have to solve this? What have you tried? What errors are you getting, if any?

What do you mean by nothing happens?


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