Trouble with Parameters II ex 4


Did you call the takeOrder function with two strings within its parentheses, separated by commas?
is the error I get.


function takeOrder(topping, crustType) {
console.log('Order: pizza topped with ' + topping + crustType);
takeOrder('Bacon' , ' with Thin Crust');
takeOrder('Sausage' , ' with Thick Crust');
takeOrder('Mushrooms' , ' with Stuffed Crust');

Just would like a bit of asistance on this one, the hint it gives for this step isn't very helpful. Thanks.


Order: thin crust pizza topped with bacon

Think of "" as string literal, and %s as string variable...

"" + %s + "" + %s

is the pattern to follow. crustType goes in the first placeholder.


You've lost me, not sure how I am to apply this, could you reword this?


You have two variables, both referencing strings, hence, string variables. The above is a symbolic representation of the iterpolation centering on syntax. You have most of the solution already. Just needs rearranging,


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