Trouble with “Introduction to Layout Editor” activity in the “Getting Stared with Android Studios” course

Hello all,
I’ve been having issues trying to get the layout editor to open on the Mac-OS Android Studio Version 3.5.1. I have been following the Codecademy skill path “Getting Stared with Android Studios” and ran into issues with the “Introduction to Layout Editor” portion. I attempted to follow the course’s steps to open the layout editor, but it did not work. The only difference I found between my Android Studio Window (picture 1 below this text) and the course’s window is that my Main Activity File has an orange circle in the bottom left corner of the file name, while the course window has a blue circle to the left of the file name.

I ran into some issues with the synchronization of Gradle with the Java programs in Android Studio, which I have solved by invalidating and restarting the Android Studio Cache, but this has not solved my issues with the layout editor.

My machine information:
CPU: IMac OS Mojave (10.14.6)
Android Studio version 3.5.1

Picture 1: Main Activity file on Android Studio ver 3.5.1

Most likely a cosmetic difference only, and not one which would impact functionality in any real sense. :slight_smile:

The layout editor is used when you’re working with the XML files which describe the layout, so contextually it doesn’t make sense for the layout editor to be involved when you’re working on the Java code…

If you click back into activity_main.xml, do you get the layout editor then? If not, there’s some information about working with layouts and the layout editor available in the Android Studio docs, here, which may be of assistance?