Trouble with Github CLI login

The lesson I refer to: Codecademy Github CLI lesson

I installed the CLI, then ran the first command: gh auth login

I get an error that says:

$ gh auth login
? What account do you want to log into?  [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
  GitHub Enterprise Server
could not prompt: Incorrect function.
You appear to be running in MinTTY without pseudo terminal support.
To learn about workarounds for this error, run:  gh help mintty

This is what I am met with:

$ gh help mintty
MinTTY is the terminal emulator that comes by default with Git
for Windows. It has known issues with gh's ability to prompt a
user for input.

There are a few workarounds to make gh work with MinTTY:

- Reinstall Git for Windows, checking "Enable experimental support for pseudo consoles".

- Use a different terminal emulator with Git for Windows like Windows Terminal.
  You can run `C:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe` from any terminal emulator to continue
  using all of the tooling in Git For Windows without MinTTY.

- Prefix invocations of gh with `winpty`, eg: `winpty gh auth login`.
  NOTE: this can lead to some UI bugs.

I tried the first option on the help message and there is no such option on Github CLI when installing. The other two options are something I don’t understand so I won’t touch unless I know what is happening.

Can someone help me figure out what I can do to get this to work?