Trouble with Expense Tracker (MVC Architecture for Full-Stack App)


I really cant get this app up and running. Ive search around, tried every npm package the can be related to this, so im a little stuck… The app runs in the terminal, but in devtools I get a lot of errors. Also, tried to delete repo, running npm i again and every other external package that helps building the UI.

What am I missing?

You are not missing anything. I’m at the same part of the course as you and the starter-code is broken. They need to update their courses so the code works.

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I am in about the same situation. I have gone through the tutorial, I looked online to sort all the ongoing error I received and, when I finally finished with no errors in the Terminals, the page wasn’t doing much… :sweat_smile:
I thought I have done some wrong (even though the code I had to write is at the minimum … but this is a different story) so I have copied the .env over, ran the npm i and start the servers. Here is the result:

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Try to add missing “await” in view folder App.js when returning Modal
res suppose to look like this:
const res = await fetchExpenses(selectDate.getTime());
Everything worked for me after I added missing await

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all good now !!woop!