Trouble with do/while Loops


While I was working on the exercise of creating a do/while loop, my 
program continued to crash the browser, yet I currently cannot see 
how it is an infinite loop. Can anyone help?
This is what I have: 

var getToDaChoppa = function(){
  // Write your do/while loop here!
  do {
      var wut = 0;
      console.log("Get to da choppa!");
      wut = wut + 1;
} while(wut <5);


Thank you in advance to anyone that replies,
 I would greatly appreciate it!


well, wut gets reset to zero in every run of the loop.

then increased with 1, then reseted to zero, increased by one and so on

declare wut outisde the loop, so it doesn't get reset in every run of the loop


Oh, I see - thanks a ton, it now works smoothly!