Trouble with CSS



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I don't think the CSS link worked. When I had it in HTML instead of it's own file it worked fine, and I don't think I'll have trouble confusing the two when keeping them in one file so long as I use comments to tell me where CSS starts and ends.

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Note: The contents of style.css aren’t important for now, so the file is not shown at the moment. In the next unit, you’ll learn more about the fundamentals of CSS.

The lesson asks us to create a <link> element that points to the external style sheet.

<link href="..." type="..." rel="..."/>

Fill in the missing bits where indicated by ....

  1. A CSS stylesheet can be linked to an HTML file using the <link> element, which requires three attributes:

href - set equal to the path of the CSS file.
type - set equal to text/css.
rel - set equal to stylesheet.


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