Trouble staying connected in the learning environment!

I’ve had a hard time staying connected in the learning environment with codecademy while I’m at home for some reason. I went to starbucks the other day, and everything was fine and it remained connected the entire time. I’ve spoken with my internet provider, and followed all steps to make sure i’m getting optimal speeds. On average I’m getting about 200mbps. I’ve tried Safair, Firefox, Chrome, and still nothing keeps the connection. I constantly get “disconneted from codecademy”, then back to “connected to codecademy” during lessons or projects and its extremely disruptive and annoying. Any tips?

Try VPNs or resetting your router. Also is your device generally far from the router? If it is then I suggest getting a booster of some sort.

I’ve done a router and modem reset, and I sit about a solid 20ft from where the router is. I even control the channel the wifi goes through to try and get a more dedicated signal. I’m just not sure why it doesn’t work here, but it does in cafe’s, where it should be the most troubling in my opinion.

Do you live out of city limits?

nope…I’m pretty much right in the middle of it all.

Have you tried connecting an Ethernet cable to a PC?

might be the next best option honestly.