Trouble installing SQLite to Mac


I’m trying to install sqlite3, as prompted by this Codecademy article:

However, every time I run sqlite3 newdb.sqlite in the terminal, a dialog window pops up to tell me “sqlite3 cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.” The only options are then to move the file to trash or to cancel.

Does anyone have tips for troubleshooting around this? The exercise is to add sqlite3 to the terminal path, which I am ultimately trying to accomplish.


This is on mac osx, right? I think you can open the preferences pane under security something something (apologies I no longer have access to a mac) and click open anyway to run it (not sure if that works for the terminal).

Your best bet however, is to open a web search at this point since this issue pops up often enough that there should be an up to date solution for you. It’s not sqlite but the security settings on a mac that you’re running into.

Edit: If you’re adding these sorts of programs often consider looking into a decent package manager for osx (e.g. macports / homebrew and others). In the long run it’ll probably make your life much easier.

It’s a Catalina security thing.

I think you can fix it by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General
and then change the option to, “Allow apps Downloaded from: App Store and identified developers.”

See this too:

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Thanks you both! Using your advice, SQLite is now up and running on my Mac :slight_smile:

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