Trouble installing Python & Miniconda

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me.

I am learning Python and halfway through the course, it was suggested to me to download Python on my own computer, so I tried to do so by following the instructions on this page:

I followed the instructions to download Miniconda for Windows as outlined on this page. Then the instructions said: Once complete, we can check that Miniconda was installed correctly by opening a Command Prompt (CMD or PowerShell) and entering the command conda list. This will print a list of packages installed by Miniconda. I opened my command prompt (git bash, as I was recommended to install that before), and typed conda list. I got bash: conda: command not found as a response.

I did not know what I did wrong, but I figured that maybe I should have installed Python first (the instructions on whether or not I should have done so, had not been entirely clear to me). As such, I decided to follow the instructions to download Python for Windows. There the instructions ended with: Once complete, we can check that Python was installed correctly by opening a Command Prompt (CMD or PowerShell) and entering the command python --version . The latest Python 3.7 version number should print to the console. I entered this command and got back /c/Users/marti/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps/python: Permission denied (‘marti’ is me).

I don’t know what goes wrong. Can anyone help me with this?


It seems like “python” worked in Python 3.7. But now in Python 3.8, you need to use “py --version” instead.

That should solve that.

However, I have the same problem you have with the conda issue. When I input “conda list” in the CMD prompt, I get, “‘conda’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”

Anyone out there with the answer to this?

It turns out: If your Username has some symbols in it (mine was using “&”) then Anaconda must see that as a command. So, I just created a new user profile with admin privileges and copied all my files from one user to the other, installed Anaconda and it worked.

I originally was going to try to change the user drive path to remove the “&” using some online videos, but I decided the other way was safer in terms of not having to risk a potential massive re-install.

to fix the ‘conda list’ issue

If you’re on a computer that uses Windows, you may have to first navigate to the folder where you installed Miniconda for the conda list command to function properly. Use the cd command to navigate to \miniconda2\scripts or \miniconda3\scripts and run the command from that directory.