Trouble changing username

I changed my username already, then signed out, and signed back in. Now my prior username is arrayace93118.

This question almost seems too simple, ut how do I actually change my username?

I have followed the community’s advice but still see no change…

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We’ve recently had an issue with the link between the main site ( and the forums ( that has been causing issues for people trying to change their Profile Pictures. Your issue is likely connected to that.

We appreciate you letting us know, as we were under the impression (…or, at least I was) that this was only an issue with profile pictures, the fact that this is affecting more than that is alarming. We’ll be sure to update you if this gets fixed.


I just wanted to let you know that I think this site is run very professionally! I’m totally amazed with most of the stuff. This is a small thing…but I would even venture to say you’re way more helpful than stack overflow!


Hey Jacques, your username should be fixed now but please let us know if it happens again – as @aquaphoenix17 said, it is indeed very strange and something we’d like to keep an eye on.


Just bumping this post as I’m having the same problem

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