Trouble changing font-size for table data

Hello everyone this my first post and
I am new here
as you see in this page styling with CSS, and end of instructions on the left side of the page
the instructions say " In style.css, change the font size of all table headings and table data to 18 pixels."
i did change the font size for table heading but i can’t find anywhere where it says font size for the table data and that why i got stuck at the point. i hope some one understands what i am trying to say.

Hey @ajbznz007, welcome to the forums!

The point of the exercise was to change both the table data and headings to 18px. So this means you have to find this selector:

th, td {

and change the font-size to 18px, which will change both the font-size for the table headings and table data.

Did I missunderstand your question or is that what you were having trouble with.