Tried copy/pasting the finished html to a txt file and opening it in Safari, but it's not working


I opened a new text file, copied the whole index.html from the lesson, and saved it as .html, then opened the file in Safari, but it's only showing as the code itself, not as the web page. I even created a main.css and copied that text over and saved it in the same folder, but it's not helping. A Photo is attached.


Show me a screen shot of what it looks like in your web browser -- oh, wait, I see, that IS your browser ... let me ponder this a bit.


I double checked and the bottom of the doc is tagged with < /body> < /html>, btw. If that helps. (without the spaces, of course)


I think it must be your editor. It isn't saving it as plain text.

What are you using?

If it is Textedit, then do cmd-shift-T to toggle from rich to plain text.


That worked, thank you. Except now TextEdit also opens it with html styling, meaning I can no longer edit the document. lol! Time to look for a real editor.

Anyway, although I can now see the html properly, it won't read my css file, even though they're in the same folder, and I'm simply pointing to "main.css" Any idea as to why? the same shortcut didn't seem to have an effect. Instead textEdit tried to convert it from .css to .rtf


That part is all correct.

Definitely look in to getting a different code editor - that might just sort out the problem. We even have a poll over here


found the problem. I put ref="spreadsheet" instead of rel="spreadsheet"

I only found it because I installed CotEditor and saw that the text color wasn't right.