guys can i please get some help here, i cant figure out.

def hotel_cost(nights):
  return nights * 140

def plane_ride_cost(city):
  if city == "Charlotte":
    return 183
  elif city == "Tampa":
    return  220
  elif city == "Pittsburgh":
    return 222
  elif city == "Los Angeles":
    return  475
def rental_car_cost (days):
  car_cost = days * 40
  if days >= 7:
    return car_cost -50
  elif days <= 6 or days >= 3:
       return car_cost -20
    return car_cost

Any advise please. please


The logic is a little off, here; since OR short-circuits on True, the first expression passes. Change the OR to an AND, or drop that operand altogether.


so should i change this to something like

elif days>= 3 and days <= 6

or something like

elif days>=3 and days<7


What is the discount structure? 7 or more days? 3 or more days? Or is it, more than 7 days? or more than 3 days?

The simplest logic is to rule out the maximum value first…

if days > 7:
    cost -= 50
elif days > 3:
    cost -= 20
return cost

or something along those lines.


Got it, ill try the way you just told me .
I tried the crazy one i did. and worked . hahaha

but ill ttry yours too. Ill let you know


you are right. too much thing .

We are supposed to use if and elif because it means between X and Y, in this case between 7 and 3.

thank you so much for your help.


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