Transportation (what am i doing wrong)

def hotel_cost(nights):
  return 140 * nights
def plane_ride_cost(city):
  if city == "Charlotte":
    return 183
  elif city == "Tampa":
    return 220
  elif city == "Pittsburgh":
    return 222
  elif city == "Los Angeles":
    return 475
  def rental_car_cost(days):
    cost = 40 * days
    if days >= 7:
      cost -= 50
    elif days >= 3:
      cost -= 20


your rental_car_cost function is part of your plane_ride_cost function, why? The rental_car_cost function should be outside/after plane_ride_cost function

the rental_car_cost function never returns the cost of renting a car, it should


How do i separate the two functions from each other?


indent, at this point in the course you should know that indent determines what is nested inside a function body, if clause and so on


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