Transpilation to GitHub

I would like to add the projects I completed in Codecademy to my GitHub account, so I have started following the same steps to complete the project on my desktop as well. However, when I tried to create .babelrc with touch .babelrc no files are being created.

Can someone offer some guidance on how I could complete this project on my desktop?


Re: “no files are being created”

  • Open a new Git Bash terminal window
  • To be sure this is the case, use ‘pwd’ to check the directory you are in
  • Use ‘cd’ to navigate to your target directory (e.g. ‘cd microplayer/Desktop/my-project’)
  • Create the file (e.g. ‘touch .babelrc’ if using BabelJS)
  • Remember that files prefixed with ‘.’ are hidden by default, so to see the file with ‘ls’, you need to add ‘-a’ (for “all”) to the command (i.e. ‘ls -a’)

Let me know if this has helped you to solve the problem or if there’s anything more you need.

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Thank you so much! It helped, I just missed that files with ‘.’ will be hidden.

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