Transpilation Project

I managed to complete the Transpilation project without any problems - converting ES6 Javascript syntax to ES5 Javascript using Babel node using the bash terminal.

However, I wanted to try this on my own computer using windows 10. Based on previous exercises I downloaded the Babel node to my computer, as well as the Bash terminal. Using the exact same project files in the codecademy project, copied and pasted to my computer directory I tried to convert the main.js in the same way, however all that occurs is that the main.js is copied exactly the same into a new lib folder.

In other words the syntax is not converted from ES6 to ES5, it just stays the same despite the json.package appearing to install correctly. I assume that the reason might be that I downloaded Babel incorrectly.

Anyone else have this problem or able to point me in the right direction?

Without a way to reproduce exactly the same thing as you did, nobody knows what you did or didn’t do.
For starters it’s unclear whether you’re asking about windows or babel or node or bash or your own code or project configuration. Pick one. Isolate the problem.

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Hi :slight_smile: I get this error: Failed at the babel-project@1 build script ‘babel src -d lib’. when I run npm run build. Can anyone help me?