Translate into foreign languages


I have been learning on this platform for about a week now and I really enjoy the learning process.

That is why I would really like to help you translate some courses into German (my native language).

Is there a possibility to do this? @lilybird

Best Regards,

Yeah, this will be great :slight_smile:
I don’t have any problem learning in english but being able to learn in your native language will make things a bit more easy.
In my case, I am a native speaker of Spanish and I find a bit tiring reading english after few hours.
Maybe not translating the exercises but the lesson’s theory explanation should not bet a difficult task and will open the platform to many other people that are not confident enough learning in english language :slight_smile:


Hey Jan~ Welcome to the community! Thanks for the suggestion, and I will certainly pass this along to our Product team. At the moment, we do not have it on our roadmap to translate our courses to other languages. But, once we do, you’ll be able to see when we’re hiring for translators here:


Hey Lily,
I just wanted to offer my help. Maybe the community could translate some courses so that they are available in more languages.

I know that platforms like allow this kind of community driven translation (at least for open source projects). It would be great if codecademy would have something similar :slight_smile:

Would be happy to hear your ideas :slight_smile:

Also feel free to write me if you have any questions!